Designer. YE RAN JI

1982 met mommy Haneunjune, who was captured by summer maternity dresses in gentle South Korea

1989 spending all day waiting for mommy while looking after my Barbie

1995 put 20 colorful flower pins in my hair

1997 1st place in a singing competition without preparing but couldn’t let myself become a fat opera singer

1998 too difficult to understand beautiful mommy for stupid me

1999 put my unthoughtful head in my armpits

2000 realized that I am a centaur

2002 a blue goby clasped me

2004 all lonely windows were broken and my eardrum were torn. The blue goby said he loved me crazily

2005 mommy killed the blue goby and I was watching the goby’s home from far away

2005 winter, professor Bomi let me know that not all my delusions were wrong. Very sophisticated, the hem of her skirt was always torn

2006 put bustling world into my 7 sad sprits

2006 caught the small of fog with gentle OK, and he held my hand

2008 couldn’t understand him anymore. After saying ‘bye’, the God of fortune shed light on me and I added time to time.
My heart was always dropping between my toes but I was happy

2009 Mommy started to be clear in my eyes.
I love mommy.
I am afraid.